Rehoboth Beach, Delaware
Paint Toss Artist

Kathy Flament

Kathy Flament Explains Paint Toss:

I pretend to know how to paint. I have no formal training, but have always loved colors and shapes and intersecting lines in nature. I have attended printing and ceramic workshops in Truro Castle Center for the Arts in Cape Cod Massachusetts and papier mache classes at the ESO Arts Center in Belle Haven VA I have knitted for some time, too. Other than art classes in grade school, thatís it. Perhaps you think that explains my art Ė in a good or bad way. I am a member of the Art League of Ocean City and the Rehoboth Art League and have canvases in both locations. Paint Toss was juried into the Arts Alive in June of 2012 in Ocean City.

I started expressing myself after a bout with depression. I tried art therapy. I wanted to see if I could understand how I felt and how to explain myself to others. I drew a wandering path that traveled through, around, over all sorts of shapes and colors. At last, I had a tool to show others how I felt. With my drawing in hand, I could explain myself. Sometimes even now as I paint, I can sense that something is up, but I donít know what. I toss paint to see whatís going on Ė pure joy comes out a lot. Iíve seen my thoughts of the sea, the trails I walk, songs, and feelings about family, friends and lovers. By tossing paint, I can identify, express, resolve and manage my feelings as well as invite others to know me better. I like to think I can add joy and a tool for self-discovery to others.

Sometimes I buy stretched canvas, sometimes I use drop cloths. Other times I use canvas board. I go to home improvement stores and buy "oops" house paint. I come home, put loud loud music on and respond. Recently, I have been incorporating found materials into my canvases. I let my mood move my brushes, hands, fingers, rollers, and brooms.

In addition to being a Paint Toss artist, is an independent focus group moderator. She lives in Rehobeth Beach, DE. Flament holds a MBA in International Marketing, Market Research, New Venture and Product Development from Northeastern University. Kathy Flament was born in Iowa, grew up in Illinois, lived in France, taught English as a Foreign Language, moved to Minnesota, then California, then Massachusetts, Maryland and lastly to Delaware, hopefully for good. Ms. Flament received a Bachelor of Arts in Foreign Languages from Barat College in Lake Forest, Illinois and a Masters in Business Administration from Northeastern University in Boston, Massachusetts. Ms. Flamentís time for the 1999 Boston Marathon was 5:45. Most recently, she has exhibited at Artís Alive in Ocean City, MD, the Rehoboth Art League and Himmelfarb Gallery in Laurel MD.

Kathy was selected to exhibit at the July 4, 2015, St. Peter's Annual Art Festival, in Lewes, DE.

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Kathy Flament Paint Toss
Fence By The Sea
A Suggestion of Flowers
Beach Skyline

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