Cambridge, Maryland
Painter, Sculptor

Dave Gibbons

As with most creative people, Dave's involvement with art started early. Primarily drawing, woodworking. illustrating, painting and sculpture have been woven through his professional years as a designer of architectures, interiors and graphics. His first gallery association was established during the late 60's and 70's with an ad hoc gallery in Prince George's County, Maryland. Dave's artwork on display with the gallery was primarily sculpturse of woods, stone and plastic. In the late 70's, he moved his family to Santa Fe, New Mexico, where he began his own architectural practice. In 1999, he moved to Washington, DC, and at the same time established a residence in Hooper's Island and Cambridge. Now retired, he has more to sculpt and paint.


Dave Gibbons Dave Gibbons Dave Gibbons Dave Gibbons

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