Mary Ann Schindler
Easton, Maryland
Painting and Multi-media

Thanks to a very perceptive mother, Mary Ann Schindler began taking art instruction in grammar school. After graduating college with a degree in art and creative writing, she worked as an editor, commercial artist, art director, and eventually went into business for herself in 1982. Schindler worked with typography and design, as well as producing copy and illustrations for advertising and syndicated columns. Her clients included professional associations, non-profits, retail businesses, telecommunications corporations, and the hospitality industry.

Since moving from the Washington, DC metro area to the Eastern Shore in 1999, Schindler has gradually returned to non-commercial art on a full time basis. She has continued formal study, usually in the form of experimental workshops. She is a participating member of 447 Studios and Gallery, and of the Main Street Gallery in Cambridge, as well as Turtle Cove Mosaics in St. Michaels, MD.

Her work is represented in collections across the United States. Schindler has also developed an installation piece with fellow artist Carol Minarick that opened in a venue on Central Park West, New York City, in the spring of 2009.

In her own words:

Having spend many years in the commercial art world, I am energized by once again creating work for a more intimate demographic. I aspire to address the interior landscape, from its serenity and beauty to its anger and disturbance. The myths and stories we tell ourselves, both consciously and subconsciously, find their way into my art.

I work in acrylic, watercolor, pencil, mosaic, found and created objects, and conceptual installations. I am currently exploring acrylic pours, resulting in pure paint being observed and appreciated apart from its usual canvas or board anchorage.

The paint, glass, found objects and other materials are wondrous to me in and of themselves. Each contains its own mystery. I seek to use and combine them to communicate ideas, emotion, and the paradox, energy and joy inherent in an examined life.

Learn more about Mary Ann and her work on her website.