Cambridge, Maryland
Jewelry Maker

Linda Starling Jewelry

Linda works in original compositions of silver, semi-precious stones, and sea glass.

Her pieces are inspired by the colors and the history of sea glass. Sea glass is made up of discarded remnants that have eroded by the wind and water over time, leaving it in a form that lends itself to unique, custom-designed jewelry.

By accident and by dereliction, many such shards are engulfed in the Chesapeake Bay. One of the last remaining stretches of beach is on Hooper's Island, near Linda's weekend cottage. The lure of these treasures draws her to the water's edge.

Linda muses, With every item retrieved, I can't help but wonder: Who held this last? How long has it been tossing along the seabed? What was it used for? What ship did it fall from? Was the sailor celebrating a voyage, cursing an annoying seagull, or just a bit tipsy?


Linda Starling Jewelry Linda Starling Jewelry Linda Starling Jewelry

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